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Things I Love: Videos by Chronicle Books!

29 Jun

I just had to post this video first…

To explain why this particular video came first…let’s just say I know some people who are not strangers to the online dating /friend making scene.  I posted this one for you. *Smile  You have to see the book to realize that video is the perfect advertisement for The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook!

This is great as a becoming a man graduation type gift…

I am also no stranger to giving cookbooks as gifts!  I went to a friend’s parents’ house the other night and secretly admired all the cookbooks that line one wall of the kitchen.  Doesn’t matter if the person doesn’t even cook…give them a reason to try.  Make sure to get a cookbook that says something personal…like The Bride and Grooms First Cookbook (obviously for a bride and groom).  It’ll dress up those boring kitchen items off the registry!  Write a note in the cover or tie it all in with a card.

Next up…a sweet gift for dog lovers-owners everywhere.  Glamour Dogs is such a great book!

Last but not least…We have all watched competitors bicker over the rules of the game.  So, it is oh so Prim & Proper to always have a rule book on hand.  If you have friends that are avid players of any game but lack a rule book…BAM! You’ve got the perfect gift for them!

Basically…a simple book can make for a really nice practical gift! 🙂



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Things I Love: EF Live The Language, Paris

9 Mar

EF – Live The Language – Paris from Albin Holmqvist on Vimeo.

*Oh…Someday soon I hope.

Things I Love: Shark Pig Wedding Videos

1 Mar

This month of love is now over…and I think it’s fitting to end that note with a few favorite wedding videos from Shark Pig a member of the Flash Dance Collective!

Perfect and Lovely.  (Not to mention the pics immediately above by Jonas Peterson are amazing!!!!)



Things I Love: The Sartorialist

22 Feb

I have debated for the past few weeks with how much of ME should be in this blog?…or Should I have a separate blog?

I haven’t decided yet…

So, for now…since my own journey in life isn’t entirely separate from Prim & Proper I have decided to share the little things I love…here.  In one place.

The Sartorialist

“My lack of knowledge in the beginning really helped, and really just made me refine what little I knew to make it work. If you ask any other person that does a creative thing, they probably went to school and learn all these different things and then as they get better it just narrows and narrows.” Scott Schumann (The Sartorialist)

I’m still narrowing things down. ~Melanie