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Happy Mommie’s Day!!!

11 May

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Lippy Lip Gloss by Butter London??

11 May

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14 Nov
Save the Date...Small Business Saturday is November 26th!
Save the Date – Small Business Saturday is November 26th!
If you want to learn more about Small Business Saturday…click here for details!
And a big thanks to Laura Bley a member of Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) for asking me to be a part of this!!!
Note: WIPP is a co sponsor of this with American Express.
Next up…
We beat last year…Yippeeee!


We have to open at a later time on Nov 17th & 18th.  We will be opening at noon instead of 10:30am.  I apologize for any inconvenience.  Should you need anything please do not hesitate to call me!

Hope to talk soon!



Meet My Prim & Proper Ella!

7 Jun

About 5 years ago I wanted a small black Brussels Griffon (Bruxellois)…but was talked out of it.  A friend said that I had to plan ahead for the day I might have kids…and since they are more fragile than say a french bulldog a Brussels might not be the best idea in the long run.  So, I got Roxie…my expensive Brussels (Petit Brabaçon) mutt.  She’s totally my diva.  Since she has finally calmed down over the years (and put on some fat from sleeping 23hrs/day)…I started to think of getting a second dog/playmate a few months ago.  Yes, I was looking for a Black Brussels once again 😉  And yes, I totally threw the friend’s advice out the door this time around.  So, here’s my little rescue named Ella!  She’s my sweet little girl…my baby.  Ella’s a little shy at 1st with some people (I’ve only had her a week and have yet to figure out why it’s just with some people)  But don’t let the shyness fool you…she is still a Brussels Griffon.  She is so full of spunk and personality.  Seeeeeee…

Pose for mommy!

She loves her days at Prim & Proper!

Aaaaah, I love, love, love this little lady!!! And my Roxie gets to have a play date everyday.  Everyone wins!

If you are looking for a canine/feline addition…trust me there is an angel that needs to be rescued somewhere.  Not to knock my Roxie…but rescues are the best! 🙂

Time for a Proper Spring Cleaning!

16 Mar

We’re doing a little Spring Cleaning for one week only!!!

And here’s a sneak peek…

Items marked 15%-50% OFF!!! (And trust me…most items are priced at 30% or 40% OFF)  Stop in and stock up on some great little things for yourself or to gift to someone else!!

Items Added Daily and Sale Last for ONE WEEK ONLY!

3/16/2011 – 3/23/2011

Prim & Proper

4823 Camp Bowie

Fort Worth, TX 76107


See You Soon!!!!


Just Words.

22 Jan

The other day…

I was talking to an old friend in NY…swapping stories of how life just happens. How/why we do what we do…and so on. We then stumbled on talking about how there is this overwhelming desire for people to feel connected.  To be heard. To not feel invisible in the masses.  To listen, understand, and then learn.

It’s about the seek and you shall find.  The give, the take, and the you shall be blessed. It’s living.  It’s trying.  It’s life.

We laughed about the greatness of musicians being able to marry words with sounds…sometimes creating the perfect union. That is until I grab a hold of the spirit in the morning and kill it with my tone deaf vocals, words misspoken and rhythm-less dance moves (Roxie doesn’t care if we’re off beat.)  Regardless, it’s all still very romantic.

And then I started with my…I should have…I could have…I wish I had…the I took it all for granted.  I can’t wait to get back to my beloved NY soon.  The food, the people…

Anyway, this morning the words were in this song…by The Whitest Boy Alive

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A normal day of work…

20 Jan

February Indulge AdIt’s getting late and work never really ends…I’ve only managed to check off half of the items on my “To Do” list…I’m a little hungry…a little sleepy…and I’m sure my Roxie-baby is wondering why haven’t I come home yet. (I’m coming honey-bun!) Continue reading

The “Cans for Casseroles” Finale.

29 Nov

I’ve been wondering how to announce that we raised over 250 cans at our “Cans for Casseroles” event…

Over 250 Cans Raised!

A picture is great…but giving you the inside scoop on how I got there seems much better. (If you’re interested)

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A New Face at P&P?

9 Nov

Meet Roxie.  A little Brussels Griffon/Shih Tzu mix. A designer mutt that’s been termed a Shiffon (Which I refuse to say…she’s just too much of a tomboy to be called something so prissy.)  Some say she looks like a bat, others think she is a pug mix…Either way she is a one of a kind type of lady. Continue reading

Creating a ‘look’ is hard work…

28 Oct

It's time to start a blog!

For the past day I have been tinkering with the look of this blog. Yesterday it was gray and today?…Well, I don’t know if it’s the influence of gloomy sky outside but it’s definitely taking on a spring-like appearance in contrast!

I’m guessing this blog will take on many looks… Continue reading