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New – Ice Cream Holders

16 May

Ice Cream Holder

Summertime is near…and these pint sized ice cream holders are perfect for ice cream lovers everywhere!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!!

…and Don’t think of how Chunky that Monkey is.

Just Enjoy!


Custom Holiday Sweet Treats Available for a Great Price!

21 Oct

The oh so yummy cookies make for a great teacher gift, secret Santa or just a sweet something to share!

Orders must be placed by the close on November 3rd to lock in special pricing (which is cheaper than a dozen regularly labeled 5oz jar of cookies).

Email me for more details or questions.

More gifties in for the little ones!

19 Oct

Things I Love: Videos by Chronicle Books!

29 Jun

I just had to post this video first…

To explain why this particular video came first…let’s just say I know some people who are not strangers to the online dating /friend making scene.  I posted this one for you. *Smile  You have to see the book to realize that video is the perfect advertisement for The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook!

This is great as a becoming a man graduation type gift…

I am also no stranger to giving cookbooks as gifts!  I went to a friend’s parents’ house the other night and secretly admired all the cookbooks that line one wall of the kitchen.  Doesn’t matter if the person doesn’t even cook…give them a reason to try.  Make sure to get a cookbook that says something personal…like The Bride and Grooms First Cookbook (obviously for a bride and groom).  It’ll dress up those boring kitchen items off the registry!  Write a note in the cover or tie it all in with a card.

Next up…a sweet gift for dog lovers-owners everywhere.  Glamour Dogs is such a great book!

Last but not least…We have all watched competitors bicker over the rules of the game.  So, it is oh so Prim & Proper to always have a rule book on hand.  If you have friends that are avid players of any game but lack a rule book…BAM! You’ve got the perfect gift for them!

Basically…a simple book can make for a really nice practical gift! 🙂



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A Proper Picnic!

16 Jun

So, I’m really excited for this weekend.  I used to live in an apartment across the street from this beautiful park (that is now a construction site).  Almost every morning I would take my dog (Roxie) to the park and have a moment to relax, eat breakfast, listen to music or whatever.  It was a nice transition from NY…since I did the same thing there during the warmer months.  This weekend some friends and I are going to Concerts in the Garden to see Trombone Shorty.  The P.I.C./PR person  (aka Lauren)  had this great idea that we should all make a dish to bring.  So fun!

Of course, I thought that if we are going to picnic we need a proper picnic basket!  Behold…

It includes:

6 sets of flatware
6 ceramic plates
6 cups
1 bottle opener
2 salt and pepper shaker
6 napkins

So excited!  But, I don’t think you need to plan for a picnic to use a picnic basket…you could have a smaller one in the trunk at all times.  It’s like the perfect thing to have for impromptu on the go dining with the kids, the love o’ your life, or your partner in crime…in the car, at the lake, waiting for Susy to get out of Ballet, watching little Johnny at soccer practice…doesn’t matter where.  You’re ready in style!  No plastic cups for the ones I love…No kids fighting over the one bag of chips (and you get to enforce portion control on the sugary stuff).  Awesomeness!

It’s also great for those that hate carrying all that stuff to the pool separately.  Grilling with friends? Apartment dwellers I’m talking to you!

We’ve got them at Prim & Proper!  Call for details or to put one on hold.

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Countdown to Father’s Day…Cont’d!!

8 Jun

Get creative by doing something like a golf themed Father's Day surprise!!

Note: Card says “Take it easy dad, happy father’s day”

Call for more details…or to put something on hold!

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Countdown to Father’s Day!…Fun Stuff!

26 May

Ahh we know…if only there was a bear bottle opener to complete the set! (For all you men that watch the market)  But, just the bull will do just fine for any pops…it’s just so awesome!

Pair these golf clubs with a Father’s Day well spent on the course…or some golf trivia cards and a relaxing day on the patio.

Ice Melts. Whiskey Rocks.  – How do you chill your favorite spirits…without diluting their perfectly balanced flavors?  The Answer: Whiskey Stones!

Headbands, Hairpins, Bows & Brooches…Oh my.

12 Apr

I had to wear a this uniform in high school (Yay, Trinity Valley School!)…and always tried to make my uniform mine.  I got them embroidered with butterflies, my name, etc.  (Note: At my school we didn’t have as much flexibility as the ladies of Gossip Girl.  There were rules.  Plus, there’s just not that much you can do with a plain navy jumper…but hem it.)

Anyway…To get to the point…All of these hairpins can also be worn as brooches! Genius!

Stop in to adorn your hair, your dress, your cardigan, your unflattering uniform or whatever with these cute little accessories!



Prim & Proper

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Local Jewelry Love: MERRICK!

29 Mar

I don’t think an introduction is really necessary for MERRICK …her jewelry speaks for itself!  LOVE her work…LOVE that she’s local!

…And just in case you are wondering about the person behind the jewelry & the name Merrick…trust me, she’s awesome!   A jewelry designer, Country Day Field Hockey Coach, do-it-yourself/HGTV inspired home renovator, family oriented, a giver…the list can go on and on forever!!  Merrick is an example of the modern proper woman…a sort of Jane of all tradesa woman who can do whatever she puts her mind to and still be so womanly. Love it!

(And I must say awesome-ness runs in the family…her mother…is an amazing artist and fabulous person.)

Please feel free to call me for more details/information on her pieces…




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Pretty & Proper Purse Mirrors

25 Feb

I love little things that add a touch of personal ladylike charm…these purse mirrors do just that with a sweet and simple pick me up on every single one!


The emery boards and a mirror pair nicely with a makeup bag as a gift for the Prim & Proper lady!!