Things I Love: Videos by Chronicle Books!

29 Jun

I just had to post this video first…

To explain why this particular video came first…let’s just say I know some people who are not strangers to the online dating /friend making scene.  I posted this one for you. *Smile  You have to see the book to realize that video is the perfect advertisement for The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook!

This is great as a becoming a man graduation type gift…

I am also no stranger to giving cookbooks as gifts!  I went to a friend’s parents’ house the other night and secretly admired all the cookbooks that line one wall of the kitchen.  Doesn’t matter if the person doesn’t even cook…give them a reason to try.  Make sure to get a cookbook that says something personal…like The Bride and Grooms First Cookbook (obviously for a bride and groom).  It’ll dress up those boring kitchen items off the registry!  Write a note in the cover or tie it all in with a card.

Next up…a sweet gift for dog lovers-owners everywhere.  Glamour Dogs is such a great book!

Last but not least…We have all watched competitors bicker over the rules of the game.  So, it is oh so Prim & Proper to always have a rule book on hand.  If you have friends that are avid players of any game but lack a rule book…BAM! You’ve got the perfect gift for them!

Basically…a simple book can make for a really nice practical gift! 🙂



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