A Proper Picnic!

16 Jun

So, I’m really excited for this weekend.  I used to live in an apartment across the street from this beautiful park (that is now a construction site).  Almost every morning I would take my dog (Roxie) to the park and have a moment to relax, eat breakfast, listen to music or whatever.  It was a nice transition from NY…since I did the same thing there during the warmer months.  This weekend some friends and I are going to Concerts in the Garden to see Trombone Shorty.  The P.I.C./PR person  (aka Lauren)  had this great idea that we should all make a dish to bring.  So fun!

Of course, I thought that if we are going to picnic we need a proper picnic basket!  Behold…

It includes:

6 sets of flatware
6 ceramic plates
6 cups
1 bottle opener
2 salt and pepper shaker
6 napkins

So excited!  But, I don’t think you need to plan for a picnic to use a picnic basket…you could have a smaller one in the trunk at all times.  It’s like the perfect thing to have for impromptu on the go dining with the kids, the love o’ your life, or your partner in crime…in the car, at the lake, waiting for Susy to get out of Ballet, watching little Johnny at soccer practice…doesn’t matter where.  You’re ready in style!  No plastic cups for the ones I love…No kids fighting over the one bag of chips (and you get to enforce portion control on the sugary stuff).  Awesomeness!

It’s also great for those that hate carrying all that stuff to the pool separately.  Grilling with friends? Apartment dwellers I’m talking to you!

We’ve got them at Prim & Proper!  Call for details or to put one on hold.

Prim & Proper

4823 Camp Bowie | Fort Worth | TX | 76107 | 817.377.3558


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