Meet My Prim & Proper Ella!

7 Jun

About 5 years ago I wanted a small black Brussels Griffon (Bruxellois)…but was talked out of it.  A friend said that I had to plan ahead for the day I might have kids…and since they are more fragile than say a french bulldog a Brussels might not be the best idea in the long run.  So, I got Roxie…my expensive Brussels (Petit Brabaçon) mutt.  She’s totally my diva.  Since she has finally calmed down over the years (and put on some fat from sleeping 23hrs/day)…I started to think of getting a second dog/playmate a few months ago.  Yes, I was looking for a Black Brussels once again 😉  And yes, I totally threw the friend’s advice out the door this time around.  So, here’s my little rescue named Ella!  She’s my sweet little girl…my baby.  Ella’s a little shy at 1st with some people (I’ve only had her a week and have yet to figure out why it’s just with some people)  But don’t let the shyness fool you…she is still a Brussels Griffon.  She is so full of spunk and personality.  Seeeeeee…

Pose for mommy!

She loves her days at Prim & Proper!

Aaaaah, I love, love, love this little lady!!! And my Roxie gets to have a play date everyday.  Everyone wins!

If you are looking for a canine/feline addition…trust me there is an angel that needs to be rescued somewhere.  Not to knock my Roxie…but rescues are the best! 🙂


One Response to “Meet My Prim & Proper Ella!”

  1. Lesley 9 June 2011 at 12:48 am #

    She is absolutely adorable!! Good for you, throwing your friends advice out the door. And I agree, I love the pugs my dad bought for me but our pug rescue, beans is the best. Congrats on your new girl!

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