Sweet Somethings #2

5 Feb

Private Chef…Owner of Linguine and Dirty Martinis…Fort Worth Foodie Writer…and Blogger…Callie Salls is going to be a part of Love Notes & Sweet Somethings!!!! Yay!

I follow her twitter and love her blog full of fun recipes.

“Being stranded in a one-bedroom apartment due to inclement weather for 24+ hours is only manageable if red wine and chocolate are involved.” ~Callie Salls

(The Almond & Cherry Bites pictured above was a great suggestion/recipe for our well below freezing nights…and being confined indoors all day.)

All good chefs are fascinating…For me personally, it boils down the ability to take creativity to a whole new level by using many senses…if not all! I mean if you really think about it…in most jobs things just have to look good or sound interesting…we spend so much time and money just making things look attractive to someone else.  But with food…at the very least it has to look good, smell enticing and taste great.  I think that’s quite the challenge to take on…everyday.  Amazing.  So thumbs up to our local lady…Callie.

Come check out some of her delectable delights at Love Notes & Sweet Somethings! What exactly? It’s a surprise for now…But stay tuned.  Soooo very excited!

Where: Prim & Proper | 4823 Camp Bowie | Fort Worth | Texas | 76107

When: February 10, 2011 | 5pm-8pm


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