Just Words.

22 Jan

The other day…

I was talking to an old friend in NY…swapping stories of how life just happens. How/why we do what we do…and so on. We then stumbled on talking about how there is this overwhelming desire for people to feel connected.  To be heard. To not feel invisible in the masses.  To listen, understand, and then learn.

It’s about the seek and you shall find.  The give, the take, and the you shall be blessed. It’s living.  It’s trying.  It’s life.

We laughed about the greatness of musicians being able to marry words with sounds…sometimes creating the perfect union. That is until I grab a hold of the spirit in the morning and kill it with my tone deaf vocals, words misspoken and rhythm-less dance moves (Roxie doesn’t care if we’re off beat.)  Regardless, it’s all still very romantic.

And then I started with my…I should have…I could have…I wish I had…the I took it all for granted.  I can’t wait to get back to my beloved NY soon.  The food, the people…

Anyway, this morning the words were in this song…by The Whitest Boy Alive

Don’t Give Up Lyrics

give me a reason to stay constantly ignored
give me an angle that I haven’t tried before
a guarantee for being honestly compared
you want to live when life is achingly unfair

don’t make a move you’ll look ridiculous again
you share no interest but it’s easy to pretend
don’t start the action it will turn against you soon
no one’s gonna follow and you’ll stand there like a fool

you left the people when the people left you out
back in the suburbs, craving for the crowd
only minded now with defeats of yesterday
the mantra spinning in your head will keep it raised

give me a reason to stay constantly ignored
(i don’t think i can)
give me an angle that i haven’t tried before
(not from where i stand)
a guarantee for being honestly compared
(could not be found)
you want to live when life is achingly unfair
(stick around)

don’t give up

Words.  They can be so amazingly beautiful, heartbreaking, simple, and sweet.  Sometimes so personal they have to be written out in an attempt to not get lost in a sound.

Inspiring & Perfect.

How does this relate to P&P?

The best gifts I have ever received…revolved around the words expressed. They were in a card, underlined in a book, or muffled in the music.  So touching indeed.

I carry cards just in case you can’t find the words…hopefully a card will help get the ball rolling on what you want to say.

Breathless Paper Co.

It’s about gifting properly.  Gifting personally…making sure that a heartfelt/handmade message doesn’t get lost.  It’s about sharing the love and saying I hope we remain…we connect…in this moment…and maybe forever.  It’s subtle hint that my life is better with you in it

This is how I enter Valentine’s…This is how I start the New Year.

Sharing a friend’s selfless act of encouragement…

Have a good weekend.  XoXo.



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