What do you do with tea towels?

7 Dec

I love the idea of tea towels…such a cute way to entertain company! But I’ve realized that people are unsure about what to do with them…I think it’s because they’re called Tea Towels.

Keep Calm Gallery Tea Towels

The term “tea towel” originated from 18th century England.  But guess what…a tea towel is nothing more than a dish towel!!!! I know putting it in plain english makes it so much easier to understand.  I must admit, I feel a little odd using something so cute to wipe up a little spill like the common dish towel…so it got me thinking about it’s other use…

But first lets continue on it’s history…way back when in England, this was a special linen cloth used by the “mistress of the house to dry her precious and expensive china tea things.” (Just in case you were wondering why the mistress of the house was drying her own dishes…The help were seen as too heavy-handed to perform such a delicate task.)

By the 19th century these lovely English ladies were embroidering their tea towels…and it became a decorative way to keep food warm.

To my American counterparts…I think it would be so cute this holiday season to not use a plain old dish towel to cover the pie…but rather do something like adding a little delightful humor to wrap the dinner rolls!  (I must admit this post was entirely inspired by customer’s questions and watching Jamie Oliver cover the Turkey with a tea towel on the cooking channel. It was ever so prim…So proper!)

With Light Love,



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