The “Cans for Casseroles” Finale.

29 Nov

I’ve been wondering how to announce that we raised over 250 cans at our “Cans for Casseroles” event…

Over 250 Cans Raised!

A picture is great…but giving you the inside scoop on how I got there seems much better. (If you’re interested)

A wise friend said yesterday that owning a business isn’t so much about the hard work but rather the amount of work put into it. In a sense it’s like being a parent…sure the weight of it all might be a little hard to carry at times but you keep going because you have to…because you love it. There isn’t any other option but to keep giving your all and hope all turns out well in the end.

“Cans for Casseroles” started out as a nameless food drive without a spark. My dear friend and PR person, LK (also known as Lauren Kwedar) thought that the Tarrant Area Food Bank would be a perfect non-profit to give back to during the Thanksgiving season. I agreed…and that was all there was for a while. (It’s hard to believe this conversation happened months ago!)

Anyway, as you may know I’ve done the P&P gives back thing for as long as we’ve been open…

July was Lena Pope…

This was a challenge indeed. All I wanted to do was get the doors open. There were sooo many little things that popped up that month. Note: Only a few know this but a perfect example is that the night before we opened I was in the store until 4am! I had to re-enter all the inventory after the guy who installed the cash register made a mistake that created technical difficulties making any purchases….now I know it’s actually the little things lead to the biggest challenges. Everyday.

August was the Pet Food Bank…

We had a small pet food drive with a little lemonade and tea that really just turned out into me spending a Saturday at work with supportive friends…chatting on the turquoise sofa. Life hadn’t become too different at that point…I even managed to get away to NY for a quick trip! (note: I learned that quick trips would be a thing of the past until P&P could handle me not being there.)


I realized that I was laying the foundation for my future. The thought was a little overwhelming. The thing about owning a business is that you have to smile everyday…when you’re sick, sad, scared…you smile. I’m not allowed to have bad days anymore. So, I decided to do just a simple donation to a fundraiser the Fort Worth Zoo has every year (Zoo Ball). Simple, I know…but I had to think through things and get out of feeling like “Omg, what have I gotten myself into?!”

Next up for October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month…

The Joan Katz Breast Center at Baylor All Saints! She inspires me. This inspired me…I call this the tipping point…my tipping point. For me this effort was personal in so many ways. It was time to get going. It was time to show a little strength. My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor. I have never met a stronger woman…maybe I’ll share her story with you sometime. (Grandma, I’ll hold onto the memories you can no longer recall…I’ll tell your story when you leave…and you shall live on in my heart always.)

So, I stepped it up…

Natalie Brown of TCB Catering was wrapping up a mani pedi when we started talking. We decided we would sell casseroles at the next ‘event’ at P&P.

I went to work and started brainstorming on a design. Planned for flyers, invitations, and blog posts. But I needed something a little more to get it off the ground…a title? a hook?

I decided on giving away a casserole for a certain amount of cans… “Cans for Casseroles”

I called Natalie…emailed PHPR…the plans were a go.

I could do more…

My windows?…

Alyce (aka mom) has been saying I needed to hire someone…but I can do it.

The holiday season is upon us…


I still have it in me to do more…

I decided to have the store festive for the party. I’m thinking lights, trees, ornaments.

Christmas in Prim & Proper

Let’s have some wine and cheese!!!

Wine and Cheese!

So I did it…

We did it! We are going to end the month with over 260 cans!

…it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of friends, family, and neighbors like you.

Thank You Card

I told a friend not long ago to stop saying thank you…it’s what I’m here for! The thing is that no one has to do anything or be a certain way…so if you’ve read to this point, I’m going to just say my thanks because maybe you have no idea how much I appreciate you. Thank you for collaborating with me. Thank you for being there. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for guiding me. Thank you for loving me. I hope I can give at least a little back…of what you give to me. I’ll try to give all that I can.

Love, Melanie.


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