A New Face at P&P?

9 Nov

Meet Roxie.  A little Brussels Griffon/Shih Tzu mix. A designer mutt that’s been termed a Shiffon (Which I refuse to say…she’s just too much of a tomboy to be called something so prissy.)  Some say she looks like a bat, others think she is a pug mix…Either way she is a one of a kind type of lady.

Her daily routine consist of a little morning play, some sleep, talking to the neighbors, a meal provided and cuddle time with Melanie. Everyday she watches Melanie leave with those sad brown eyes…and everyday she awaits for the moment of her return.  She sleeps defiantly on the living room sofa when Melanie is away…and is innocently in the kitchen by the time she walks though the side door.  She tells you when she’s thirsty…when she wants to go outside…and when a door is closed she wants to open.  Ms.Roxie is a real talker…she has a different bark for whatever she desires.

She is a lady of many titles…Roxie the Explorer, Roxie the Curious, Roxie the Exterminator, Roxie So Fierce, Roxie Snores a Lot…etc.

Today, Roxie is trying to prove that she can indeed be Roxie so Prim & Proper…she hasn’t graced Prim & Proper with her presence since on her last visit she decided to try to take random death stroll across the street to join a Yoga class.  But so far, so good!  She has sat quietly in the store all day!  I think we’re going to try this test while construction continues at La Maison de Melanie…because it is only a matter of time before Roxie the Explorer decides to stroll through the front door frequently left ajar by construction personnel.

I hope she is successful at becoming another face at Prim & Proper because I so love spending the day with this sweet child o’ mine…but might be impossible.  We’ll see.


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