Here’s to the night…

6 Nov

The lights are dimmed.  The vibe is calm and cool.  The bartenders are ready…

This is my usual…The Usual. The mood changes hourly like it’s patrons…and it becomes one of those places where there is always this element of surprise.  You can sit in the booth and a nibble on little taste of Nona Tata…sipping your French 75 (pinkie up!) while lazily enjoying the ever so pleasant closeness of the one you love…but it could easily still turn into one of those nights that you have to call friends about the next morning and play of funny game of recap.

The DJ introduces a new fresh beat…

This is my spot.  Classy, artsy, casually chic…it’s my Park Slope, Brooklyn.  It’s like sure I like the “glamour of the city…” but there’s nothing like home sweet home…away from chaos and the disorderly.

“I’ll have my usual…” and he says “a Moscow Mule” with a smile. “Right on.”

The drinks are stylish and smooth…fine like a man in well-tailored suit.  So dangerous.

The perfect setting, great company and Vintage Cocktails.  Let’s try this at home…shall we?


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