A Prim & Proper Education: Lesson #1

5 Nov

In my unofficial first post I said that I wasn’t going to dedicate this blog to the items of Prim & ProperSo I waited until I had something worth talking about…something that makes a statement about what Prim & Proper is all about…

The other night I attended a Lena Pope Young Professionals Advocates event.  The panel educated us on the organization and how they strive to live up to their mission everyday…impact lives one by one, every single day.  I sat there and listened to amazing people who wake up…living day by day with someone else in mind, something beyond just themselves. For Mrs. Friday it’s the families…the kids.  For Evelyn it’s about her “baby” (the great grandson she’s trying to adopt).  There were so many stories of hope, happiness, and success. Each one was truly touching…

At the end of everything…I made my way to the back to pick up my angels for this holiday season.  I remember being back in high school crying to my mom about how I had wished that I could given more to my angel and how getting a few toys once a year just wasn’t enough.

At the time I didn’t think about how you can impact someone’s life and never know it…how the little things can make such a big difference.

…Last year one of my angels was named Melanie (Automatically connected by name…Serendipity!) She will never know how much the card she made with the art supplies I bought truly meant to me.  I will never know the true impact my gift made on her…maybe she’ll be an artist one day, maybe not.  But every year I’ll go to the store with my angel’s list wishing I could give more…and every year I’ll think of the one angel I had also named Melanie.

Just give.  Give all that you can…the best you can…you need nothing more than an open heart. It doesn’t matter if you are a family member, friend or complete stranger…rich or poor…young or mature. Give something of yourself everyday and hope you add something positive to someone’s day.

One of my mom’s customers said it best…and her words have never left me. “My daughter volunteers…I write checks and raised her.  It doesn’t matter how you do it.  Find out what works for you…but Melanie you have to give.”

Prim & Proper is me trying to find my way to give everyday…in more ways than one.


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